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Month: April 2011


I’ve just noticed that there are ads on the entry pages. I had never seen this, as an Admin they don’t show up. So I’m going to save up a bit and get them turned off. Has it always been like this or is this a new thing?

7 tokens for Tbolt

I just finished this set of 7 tokens. As the weather gets nicer I’ll find it tougher to sit inside working on things. I’m currently having to give my self even more time to turn jobs around. The requests keep coming in as well, 3 new custom token requests, including one for modern day zombies.…

This week

I’m teaching this week, well Thursday night and all weekend. It’s enough to keep me from getting much else done. I am working on a set of 7 tokens for Tbolt. I’ll post them when they are done it’s the craziest character requests I’ve ever been asked to do. Once they are done I have…