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Month: April 2011

Marine Attack Bike and some more centaur characters.

Just wanted to throw these up here real quick before heading back into the trenches. I have 7 zombie survivalist tokens in the works, and 32 tokens for a turn based game from some developers in Poland to work on. A few illustrations and 2 map projects in the pipe. Not to mention one Catalog…


I’ve just noticed that there are ads on the entry pages. I had never seen this, as an Admin they don’t show up. So I’m going to save up a bit and get them turned off. Has it always been like this or is this a new thing?

This week

I’m teaching this week, well Thursday night and all weekend. It’s enough to keep me from getting much else done. I am working on a set of 7 tokens for Tbolt. I’ll post them when they are done it’s the craziest character requests I’ve ever been asked to do. Once they are done I have…