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Month: January 2011

Space Illos Part 1

I got a commission to create the art and tokens for a future published work. I have the character tokens done and here are the character illos. I’m working on some space craft illos and tokens. I’ll post them in part II.

The Burnside Seven

Just finished up a request for seven player characters, The Doomwalkers. This request from J. Burnside started out with a few giants, then became a bit larger when he asked for a token for each of his player characters. I worked from character descriptions provided by the players, and I got a lot more info…

Giants are coming!

I can’t say exactly when, only that a commission has put the proverbial foot in the door. I’m wrapping up Ettins, Hill Giants, and Stone Giants at this time. Once I catch up on some other work I’ll add Fire and Frost Giants, maybe another 1 or 2 varieties. Suggestions? Here is a little preview…