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Month: October 2010

A Monk token.

This one was done for Doc. He provided good reference which I’ll post if I can find the artist who did the piece I drew inspiration from. I spent several hours working on a new way to keep all the tokens looking the same and keeping them scaled correctly. All tokens I post should have…

Working with Rite Publishing

For a while now I have been working with Rite Publishing as a freelancer, doing cover layout, illustration and some design work on the following icons for Jade Oath. You can see more about Jade Oath and Rite Publishing here:

An Ipad Application that I’m creating some content for.

There is an application called RPG Cartographer that I have been creating content for. Maps and tokens of monsters and objects. This has been a rather large project but the results I think are pretty nice. You can see the app here: Here are a few samples of the things I’m doing for Brad.…