Token Pack 55: Shadowpunk 1


Token Pack 55: Shadowpunk 1

(2 customer reviews)



This pack contains 23 unique tokens with an additional 12 variant drone tokens.

This pack covers futuristic hackers and drone controllers as well as 12 drones.


2 reviews for Token Pack 55: Shadowpunk 1

  1. Eric Languirand

    I really love your tokens, I bought this set and one of your modern token one as well on Roll20.
    The shadowunpunk 1 set is perfect for shadowrun (duh!!) this set contains all the drones you need
    as well as some rigger, decker and a few fighter mixed between human, elf, dwarves, orc and troll.
    I forgot to mention that the drones perfectly fit the description in the shadowrun 5 rulebook.

    Please keep those shadowrun tokens coming as there aren’t a lot available on the “matrix” and
    yours a top quality!

    Keep on the good work 😀

    • devinnight

      Thank you for taking the time to write that. I’m glad you like the work.
      I will be working on another set in July. Should be in stores around August.

  2. Chris R.

    These are amazing! Exactly what I was looking for- High quality and so conducive to theater of the mind. All three of the Shadowpunk token packs are excellent! I use them for my Shadowrun games and they are perfect. Any chance you could be convinced to make more of these? Also, a vehicle set I would snag straight away.

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