Fantasy Buff 1 (new)




This new Fantasy Buff Bundle contains the same packs as the old one. This new version will allow you to buy it paying only for the packs you don’t already own. If you don’t own any of the packs you will pay the full price, but if you have bought some of the packs you can finish paying only for the new packs you don’t already own.

Note: If you were not logged in when you bough the single sets the bundle will not recognize that you own some of the sets.

Do not buy this if you have already bought Fantasy Buff 1 in the past.


This token collection contains 28 token packs. This product contains about 846 tokens… that is Eight Hundred + tokens. These packs are all the fantasy packs I have made  up to March 2014.  This includes all of the Kickstarter sets. It does not include any of the free token packs.

If you are just now finding my tokens this is by far the best deal if you are wanting the fantasy sets.

Download contains multiple links.

Here is a list of the tokens in this pack:

TP21 Brigands
TP22 Amazons
TP23 GoblinsOrcs
TP24 FrozenNorthTokenPack
TP25 DragonKin
TP26 Undead_1
TP27 ForgedKin
TP28 Giants
TP29 Townsfolk_2
TP30 Pig-Faced-Orcs
TP33 Vikings
TP34 Animals_KS
TP35 DemonsDevils_KS
TP36 humanoidmonsters_KS
TP37 summonedhelpers_KS
TP38 Undead2_KS
TP39 WingedFiends_KS
TP40 NoLegedFiends_KS
TP41 TwoLegedFiends_KS
TP42 FourLegedFiends_KS
TP43 ManyLegedFiends_KS
TP45 HeroicCharacters1
TP46 HeroicCharacters2
TP47 HeroicCharacters3
TP48 HeroicCharacters4
TP49 HeroicCharacters5
TP50 Troll_Lizard_Rockmen-Characters
TP53 MoreMonsters



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