2016: New token packs and new jobs

The end of 2015 was filled with large jobs in production. These jobs had stretched out too long and needed to be wrapped up. The holidays of course distracted me with social events and new toys to play with. Since the new year I have been working as much as possible to wrap up jobs as quickly as possible. I still have one large job I hope to wrap up this month, resulting in two new token packs called Dark Heroes and Abominations.

I’ve released 9 new packs in the past three weeks. The culmination of several jobs getting done. Today I released 3 NPC packs. Containing a whopping 128 tokens. These packs were commissioned by Chris, and a big thanks to him for doing it. It took way too long to finish and he was always patient along the way.

I’m still getting quite a few requests and have filled up this month and next already.

Thanks for all the support and kind words that keep me working.

NoblesPI1 NoblesPI2 MiddleClassPI2 MiddleClassPI1 PoorPI2 PoorPI1

3 Replies to “2016: New token packs and new jobs”

  1. Dan M says:

    It’s nice to get a few more additions to my NPC musical band! A flutist, drummer, and a guitar or lyre players. (whatever the stringed instrument is called) Cant wait for them to hit Roll20!

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Erik says:

    Hi, Devin. How are you?

    First, I wish to tell you that your work is great. Recently, I had bought all fantasy token packs you had put to sale in the Steam Store, and I am making great use of them in my 5th Ed. Games in Fantasy Grounds.

    So much that I want more of your tokens. But, since I live in Brazil and things are very complicated when we talk about international purchases (we pay almost the same price of the purchase in taxes), I wish to know if it is possible for you to put more token packs for sale on the Steam Store.

    Since Steam have a national representation in Brazil, I can buy things there paying much less abusive taxes, and so, I can buy more things. I don’t know if that kind of sale is good for you, but if it is not, I would be able to buy a big pack of tokens in March or April.

    Anyway, congratulations for your amazing work, and thank you!

    1. Erik says:

      *but if it IS a good sale, I would like to buy them… LoL

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