End of June Update

Well June was a busy month, from having relatives staying with us to just having the girls home all day I’m surprised I got anything done at all.

I did manage to get 17 character tokens done for Jason at D3 Games, and 8 new Chaos marines for Barry. I also wrapped up a new set of maps for Headless Hydra Games for an adventure path being written.

I am going to be running a kickstarter that starts in August. My goal is to create almost all the monsters that appear in OGL list here. Initialy I’ll be doing 150 of the most recognized monsters and then additional sets of 50 tokens as stretch goals. I haven’t firmed up the backers levels but I’m hoping to have something more concrete by mid July. SO if you are looking to get your hands on a whole slew of Monster tokens help me out and spread the word. I have brought on a former student from my teaching days. She has already proven to be a good choice to help me on this project. I’ll introduce her in a future post.

So here is a few tokens that I have recently finished.

2 Replies to “End of June Update”

  1. Greytale says:

    Impressive stuff as always Devinnight best of luck with the Kickstarter. Grey

  2. demonsbane says:

    Once again, great pieces!

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