7 tokens for Tbolt

I just finished this set of 7 tokens. As the weather gets nicer I’ll find it tougher to sit inside working on things. I’m currently having to give my self even more time to turn jobs around. The requests keep coming in as well, 3 new custom token requests, including one for modern day zombies. As well as a few illustration requests and some real pro work on a catalog. A large map job and a bit of design work. On top of that I still want to get a few new token packs out there.

I’ve started a patron reward program. For anyone who purchases $20 in tokens they get a token pack of their choice free. This is not an automated process and requires contacting me or being contacted by me. I appreciate everyone who is purchasing my work and making donations. I have received some great donations recently and they go a long way to keeping me pumped for making more tokens.

My email address will be changing soon. No longer will devinnight@att.net work. please send all requests to devinnight (at) immortalnights (dot) com

2 Replies to “7 tokens for Tbolt”

  1. Lee Smith says:

    Devlin, Thanks for the awesome tokens! I’ll be ordering more soon.


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