Hello fellow gamers and friends.

I am starting this blog to keep people informed about the status of new Token Projects. As well as other things that I’ll be working on like cartography and illustrations.I have several new packs in the works and will be selling them on my site and may distribute some to other Gaming sites for resale.

If you haven’t visited my new Token Site you can find it here: www.immortalnights.com/tokensite/index.html
I’m currently in the process of restructuring the entire Immortal Nights site.

Any comments are welcome.


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  1. Stuart Miller says:

    I’ve been using your tokens for years bud – brilliant stuff! I think I must have asked for 50 custom tokens for various players and they have ALL been really impressed with the detail!

    I’m now playing with using an iPad in face to face games (rarely look at Fantasy Grounds anymore) so … expect more requests!


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