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Welcome, here you can find information about how to purchase token packs, order custom tokens, and usage rights.

About My Tokens
My tokens are overhead views of characters, monsters, and items. They are hand drawn and colored, with transparent backgrounds and soft shadows to help them stand out on maps. Each token comes in two scales: med-res and low-res. The med-res scale has 400 pixels per 5 feet, while the low-res scale has 200 pixels per 5 feet. Tokens can also be custom ordered for a small fee.

8 Replies to “Tokens”

  1. Hey, Devin. I was just curious about something. I purchased two of your sets, and the monsters are REALLY small on roll20. I was just curious if there was something I could do about this. I’d really love to use the tokens…but unfortunately orcs are the size of goblins and goblins are the size of a rat. Same issue with the gnolls and lizard folk. Seems like the medium sized humanoids are small and the small are tiny. Just was wondering if there was some sort of fix for this. Thanks.

    1. My personal fix on roll20 is to hold down alt while I make the figures the size I want. It makes clicking to the grid weird but I alt move them to get around it.

      1. Hey Sean,
        Sorry to hear the problem still exists. I imagine it’s only with the early packs and only with the Roll20 packs. I’ve fixed everything on my site.
        I will check with Roll20 and see if there is anything they can do.

  2. I would personally like to see a “swarms” token pack. Probably not high on the agenda, but I would purchase if you had all the swarms available and maybe a few more.

    I generally enjoy making my own tokens, however swarms are the ones I don’t enjoy making.

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