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Kind words from Patrons

I’m listing comments I have received from patrons. Sometimes I need a little encouragement to keep working and having a place where I have collected positive comments is great to keep me pumped to make more tokens. If you are one of my patrons and would like to be added to this page drop me a line.


These all look incredible! Your attentiveness to your customers needs is one of the many reasons your as successful as you are. Along with your skills and vast experience. You are a joy to communicate with on orders and that makes you in my opinion the best man for the job when it comes to commissioning pieces. I fully understand your needs. I believe you are a parent and its summer holidays so you have kids with needs. Your remodelling your kitchen. And I’m not sure but I believe I’m right im saying that this isn’t your sole occupation. So honestly what you can achieve despite how busy you are astounds me. So in late august/early October I will get back in touch with more orders. Thank you again for your time. You do the tabletop community a fantastic service. – Acenet