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Category: cartography-mapping

Almost June

Hey everyone, Ohio is finally getting warm and soon the girls will be running around outside and I’ll be out there a bit more as well. Work continues to pour in and I will probably be scheduling new work for August already. There are some great new tokens in the works. Dinosaurs will be started…

April Art

Here are a bunch of tokens I made that I’m calling Hybrid tokens. The are part animal part humanoid. They could work in futuristic or even fantasy settings. The idea of taking a lot of character tokens and adding animal heads could lead to a new and large token pack. I also finished up a…

Map places: the sketches

I’m starting a map soon for a small fantasy realm, I’ve sketched up some of the major settlements. I usually don’t post my sketches, but I thought it might be nice to post these and then follow up with some finished ones, then what they look like when on the map.